About us
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Nile Computers is an Information and Computer Technology company founded in 2007 by Sandro Chuar Juet. It provides

accurate solutions for your IT needs and computer problems. If you are having technical difficulties with your computer or

other Information systems and devices such as tablets, iPads, Smart Phones just make short a trip down to Nile

Computers and we will have a solution for you. For example we do: replace motherboards, broken screens, Computer

Upgrade, custom build, fresh operating installs for both Windows and Mac & other troubleshooting, Computer security,

Networking(wired & wireless), Web Design, Database Design, Logo, documents design, Video editng & conversion, Audio

editing & conversion. Plus many more! All here at Nile Computers

Our Location Location:  2425 Douglas St St. Omaha, Ne 68131, USA Contact: Chuar Cell: 402-686-8207 Email: chuar.juet@gmail.com  
Our Vision The vision of Nile Computer Solutions is technologically oriented and driven, therefore we envision ourselves to be one of the leading information technology business services at all times.
Our Mission To realize our vision, providing a cutting edge and excellent information technology and computing services and systems on day to day basis to our customers is our mission
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